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The Textile Markup Reference for Textpattern

Textile resources

Implementations of Textile

  • Perl Text::Textile
  • perl-HTML-WikiConverter-Textile
  • Python Textile
  • RedCloth: an implementation of Textile in Ruby
  • stextile is a Textile parser for JavaScript
  • Textile for PHP
  • Textile formatter for .NET projects
  • Textile in Eclipse (Java)
  • Textile markup language support for OCaml
  • Textile-j: Java library and eclipse editor
  • textile.js, a Textile parser in JavaScript
  • Textile4j, an implementation of Textile in Java
  • VB-Script Textile: vbsTextile

Other Textile documentation sites

  • Aupajo Human Textile Reference
  • foliovision: What is Textile?
  • Hobix quick textile reference
  • Hobix Textile Manual
  • Lightweight Markup Languages
  • Redcloth 4 Textile Reference Manual
  • Sitemonks' Textile Documentation and Sandbox
  • Textile Documentation for Movable Type
  • Textile Specifications
  • Textism Textile Manual

Textile usage

  • 3scale: HowTo write in Textile
  • b2evolution CMS
  • Concrete5 CMS
  • GitHub support of Textile
  • Lift - a Scala-based web framework
  • markItUp! universal markup jQuery editor
  • Movable Type Textile
  • Textile 2 for Wolf CMS
  • Textile 2 for Wordpress
  • Textile for ProcessWire
  • Textile Formatter Plugin for TiddlyWiki
  • Textile Markup with MediaWiki
  • Textile module for Drupal
  • Textile Plugin for ExpressionEngine
  • Textile UDF, an implementation of Textile in ColdFusion
  • Textile-AddOn for Redaxo
  • Textpattern and Textile

PHP Textile v3.5.4