CSV Table to Textile Converter

This will convert your CSV data into Textile. The first line will be treated as the header.

Enter CSV data here:

To convert data directly from Excel or Word, copy and paste table data, then select "TAB" below.

Separator Character:
Comma (",")
Semicolon (";")
Pipe ("|")
Colon (":")
Octothorpe ("#")

Quotation Characters:
Doubl-Quote ('"')
Quotes ('"' and ''')
None (use Escape-Character only)

Escape Character:
Backslash ("\")
Questionmark ("?")
Carat ("^")
Octothorpe ("#")
None (use Quoting only)

Convert Linebreaks in Cells:
Replace with space
Replace with <br>
Replace with

Convert Special Characters:
Do not convert (table contains code)
Protect HTML-Special characters (but not quotes)
Protect XML-Special characters (including all quotes)
Protect WikiMedia constructs and HTML-Markup

for the table:
for each cell:

*Note: HTML-Attributes are written as CSS styles that are enclosed in curly braces, such as {color:red}, or as CSS classes and IDs that are enclosed in parentheses, such as (myclass).

cvs2textile is based on csv2wp (c) 2004 by Daniel Kinzler