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Put straight quotation marks around the link text, followed immediately by a colon and the URL of the link.

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More about: Links

1) A local link:

"link text":/example

2) A link with a title attribute:

"link text(with title)":http://example.com/

3) An e-mail link:

"(classname)link text(title tooltip)":mailto:someone@example.com

4) Usage of a link alias:

This is "a link to Textpattern":txp, and "another link":txp to the same site.

5) If you wish to link to a URL and want the URL itself in the text, you can use the following “dollar” shorthand:


6) Class names can be added in paranthesis before the link (requires Textile v. 2.5.1):

"(various fancybox.iframe)Grizzly Bear":http://www.youtube.com/embed/AuG9i5cwGW0?rel=0;autoplay=1

7) For links and URLs containing parentheses, such as http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Page_(livre) you have to use a combination of HTML and HEX codes, like this:


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Further reading: Links

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