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Exclamation marks are used to insert an image tag.

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More about: Images

  1. An image from another domain:
  1. Use () parentheses to include “alt” text and title at the same time:
!/img/newcarver.png(the new carver)!
  1. Combine with a link for an image link:
  1. Images can be aligned right:

or centered:

  1. An image can have a css style:
!{border:5px solid red;}/img/carver.jpeg!

or a css class:

  1. To center an image, you may use this style:
!{display: block;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}/img/carver.jpeg!
  1. To include an image with a complex formula using latex, you can link to a remote service and have it sent back as an image:

This would produce:

  1. For the generation of relative images and to better support content for responsive layouts, the automatic generation of image width and height can be suppressed by a Textile parser option as of Textile v2.5.1.

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Further reading: Images

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