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Insertions and deletions

To strikeout a passage, surround it with dashes. An insertion is marked with pluses.

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1) In former HTML standards, the HTML <strike> or <s> tags could be used to render a text with a line through it, but this has been deprecated in HTML4 and XHTML, and obsoleted in HTML5. This is because the <strike> or <s> tag was taken as a purely styling element. To indicate deleted content, the <del> tag now is used in HTML5, and it is rendered similarly. Compare:

<strike>Today's Special: Salmon</strike> NO LONGER AVAILABLE<br />
<s>Today's Special: Salmon</s> NO LONGER AVAILABLE<br />
<del>Today's Special: Salmon</del> NO LONGER AVAILABLE<br />
<span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Today's Special: Salmon</span> SOLD OUT

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