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Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.

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More about: Paragraphs

1) Above example's output is identical to explicitly identifying a paragraph with p.

p. A paragraph.
p. And a paragraph with
a line break.

2) Paragraphs are separated by blank lines. Each paragraph of text is transformed into a XHTML <p> ... </p> paragraph block. Line breaks within paragraphs are transformed into XHTML line breaks <br /> as is also shown in the example box above.

A paragraph with
a line break.

3) But a line beginning with a space will be left untouched, and not wrapped in <p> ... </p> tags:

This is a normal paragraph.
With a continuation line.
 But no paragraph tags here.

4) Paragraphs can be aligned left, right, centered, or justified:

p<. Aligned left paragraph (default).
p>. Aligned right paragraph.
p=. Centered paragraph.
p<>. Justified paragraph.

5) Indentation can be specified by one or more parentheses for every 1em to the right or left.

p(. Left indent 1em.
p((. Left indent 2em.
p(((. Left indent 3em.

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Further reading: Paragraphs

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