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Unicode symbols

Some unicode symbols can be produced by placing simple characters in parentheses or square brackets.

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More about: Unicode symbols

  1. Other unicode characters and symbols

Unicode symbols that are entered directly are ignored by Textile.

p{font-size:20pt}. ☢ ☁ ♘

With a browser that is capable and a font that supports the characters you will see this:

☢ ☁ ♘

  1. Setting alternate glyphs

Textile’s typographic substitutions can be overridden with the setSymbol method. If you need to setup Textile to do non-standard substitutions, call setSymbol before you parse the input with textileThis or textileRestricted.

$parser = new \Netcarver\Textile\Parser();
$parser->setSymbol('half', '1⁄2');
$parser->textileThis('Hello [1/2] World!');

The symbol names you can pass to setSymbol() can be found here.

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