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Raw HTML or XHTML tags are generally left untouched by Textile.

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More about: HTML

1) To prevent Textile from enclosing complex HTML blocks in paragraph tags, either use a space at the beginning of each line

 <span>My div</span>

or a notextile.. extended block.

notextile.. <div>
<span>My div</span>

2) HTML comments are respected as comments

Here is some text with a <!-- Commented out[1] --> block.
<!-- Here is a single <span>line</span> comment block -->
<!-- Here is a whole

3) Unicode characters and symbols

Just like any other HTML characters, unicode symbols are ignored by Textile.

p{font-size:20pt}. ☢ ☁ ♘

With a browser that is capable and a font that supports the characters you will see this:

☢ ☁ ♘

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Further reading: HTML

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