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Numbered lists

Make an ordered (numbered) list of items. Each item is preceded by a hash sign #.

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More about: Numbered lists

1) A mixed list example:

Three reasons to walk to work:
# It saves fuel
# It's good for your health
** Walking burns calories
** Time outside means lower stress
# It's good for the environment

2) When starting an numbered list you can specify a start attribute to be applied:

#8 Item 8
# Item 9

3) For continuation of a a list’s numbering from where you previous ordered list finished, you can let textile know using the continuation character:

#8 Enumerated list, starting by number eight
# List item No. 9
Some text paragraph
#_ Continuing list item, numbered as 10
# Item 11

4) Enhanced list
For further information using lists, see the developer notes on enhanced lists

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