Usage Example


  1. Copy the textile-reference directory to your project.
  2. Include a quick help link to the reference.


You can format your text using Textile.

Code Snippets


You can format your text using
<a href="textile-reference/en/index.html" onclick=",'textile_reference','height=400,width=600,scrollbars=1'); return false;">Textile</a>.


You can format your text using
<%= link_to 'Textile', 'textile-reference/en/index.html', :popup => ['textile_reference', 'height=400,width=600,scrollbars=1'] %>

Language Support

The reference includes support for English and German. Just change textile-reference/en/index.html to textile-reference/de/index.html (on most servers you also can drop the index.html part).

Want to help out? Check out the repository on GitHub!